What We Do

We undertake *all* types of personal injury claims such as:-

• Road Traffic Accidents : driver or pedestrian
• Accidents at Work : construction sites, factories, offices, shops
• Slips and Trips : road/pavement trip accidents; slips on spillages in any type of commercial premises
• Public liability claims
• Industrial disease : Asbestos-related Conditions, Deafness Claims, Vibration White Finger
• Defective Beauty Treatment
• Defective Products
• Damp or Defective Housing

We offer a *free* initial consultation. We will take a detailed statement from you. We will assess the merits of your claim. We will advise you whether we think your claim can proceed, or whether further investigations may be required before we can fully advise you on prospects.

You may be entitled to legal aid to fund your claim. Alternatively, we can act on a *No Win, No Fee* basis where we have assessed your claim and think it has a greater than 50% chance of success.

*No Win, No Fee*

We will not ask you to pay any upfront legal costs. You pay *nothing* if you lose your case - either our costs or your opponent's. If you are successful with your claim then we would charge a 'success' fee of between 10-20%, and nothing more. In straightforward *road traffic claims* - such as a 'rear end shunt' or where you have been a passenger in a vehicle - we will *not* charge *any* success fee if you are successful. With such claims you will *always* receive *100%* of the compensation offered or awarded to you.

We aim to progress your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that for some people, seeking compensation can be a daunting process. Let us do any worrying for you. Once we are in a position to negotiate settlement of your claim, we do not indulge defenders and insurers with an inordinate time to make a reasonable offer.

Some claims settle without the necessity of court proceedings. But should they be necessary, we are not afraid to litigate your claim. We will explain, reassure and guide you through what is involved. Around 98% of personal injury actions raised in court settle before a final hearing.

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