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James Sloan gives a rating of 10/10

“I have had fantastic service and speed of claim being settled. I would strongly recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law in future.”
James Sloan
March 2019

Ian Miller gives a rating of 10/10

“I am more than pleased by the way my case was dealt with. It was professional and thorough, and I will recommend you to other people.”
Ian Miller
March 2019

Robert Mathewson gives a rating of 10/10

“From the first phone call everything just seemed to fall into place, very professional solicitors, after settlement I was told I would receive my cheque within 8 weeks, I actually had my cheque under 4 weeks. Very efficient, could not be happier with the outcome.”
Robert Mathewson
March 2019

Juan Antonio Vila-Pego gives a rating of 10/10

“I would recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law, Solicitors. Very quick and friendly service. I was kept updated with everything and Peter won on my behalf, which was more than I could have imagined.”
Juan Antonio Vila-Pego
February 2019

George Hewitt gives a rating of 10/10

“The team are very helpful.”
George Hewitt
December 2018

Clare Whalin gives a rating of 10/10

“Very professional and honest advice given. Lots of evidence provided re prior claim settlements. Mr Crooks is very skilled in legal matters and advised cordially.”
Clare Whalin
December 2018

Graham Thomson gives a rating of 10/10

“Kept me well informed throughout the entire process and always took the time to explain things in detail. I always felt I was getting the best advice possible. Thank you.”
Graham Thomson
October 2018

Helen Johnston gives a rating of 10/10

“Have found your firm excellent in handling my case by keeping me up-to-date with proceedings and giving me advice and help.”
Helen Johnston
October 2018

Gordon Boyd gives a rating of 10/10

“Excellent service and the communication was first class. Had both letters and calls regularly to keep me updated on my case. Very professional service. Thank you very much.”
Gordon Boyd
October 2018

David Langford gives a rating of 8/10

“You were all very friendly and polite to me. Your service was fast and efficient… Many thanks.”
David Langford
September 2018

J. Willis gives a rating of 10/10

“My claim was dealt with in a professional manner. It was done quickly. The staff were pleasant to deal with. Would highly recommend. Very satisfied with outcome.”
J. Willis
July 2018

John Whitelaw gives a rating of 10/10

“I am very satisfied with the outcome of my claim and I would certainly pass you on to family and friends.”
John Whitelaw
May 2018

Linda McIntosh gives a rating of 10/10

“The care and attention I received from Lanarkshire Accident Law was second to none. I was kept informed of process every step of the way. I was treated with kindness and respect throughout. I was glad of the openness and honesty of Mr Crooks and his staff, who made what could have been a traumatic experience into a very straightforward and stress-fee experience. I am very grateful.”
Linda McIntosh
May 2018

Rosemary Bell gives a rating of 10/10

“Good service, good advice, good outcome on a difficult case.”
Rosemary Bell
May 2018

Terence Monaghan gives a rating of 10/10

“I give your company a 10+. The service I received was second to none, I thank you sincerely for that. I will recommend you to anyone.”
Terence Monaghan
April 2018

Elizabeth Dredge gives a rating of 10/10

“I will recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law to everyone I know. They are so friendly and will help in any way they can.”
Elizabeth Dredge
March 2018

James McGuinness gives a rating of 10/10

“Because of the way you dealt with my case, I couldn’t be more happier with the way you represented me. Five star service. Thanks very much.”
James McGuinness
March 2018

Pamela Anderson gives a rating of 10/10

“You kept me well informed at all times. Gave me excellent advice, and advised me how to claim and fill in the forms properly. And lastly, I felt I was dealt with very professionally.”
Pamela Anderson
February 2018

Alexander Floyd gives a rating of 10/10

“Total confidence and professional service from start to finish. Kept informed every step of the way during all aspects of injury claim. Very nice people to speak to and totally committed to their job. Excellent service.”
Alexander Floyd
February 2018

James Drennan gives a rating of 10/10

“From start to finish, the service provided by Peter and the staff at Lanarkshire Accident Law was excellent. At all times I was kept up to date with the progress of my case, and I was comfortable in the knowledge that my case was being handled by a team whom I could trust, and who in the end achieved the result I wanted.”
James Drennan
January 2018

Sarah Wood gives a rating of 10/10

“I am so grateful for handling my claim.”
Sarah Wood
January 2018

Jane Cross gives a rating of 10/10

“I would highly recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law because they kept me informed with very detail as it was happening. They dealt with my case quickly and efficiently. They answered any questions I asked. I cannot thank them enough for what they did for me. They are second to none.”
Jane Cross
January 2018

Patrick Travers gives a rating of 10/10

“Everything from speaking to the paralegal, right through the communication process to the final agreement, was excellent.”
Patrick Travers
January 2018

Carol Anne Lees gives a rating of 10/10

“Very friendly and informative service provided. Kept up-to-date with information. Honest advice given. Very supportive.”
Carol Anne Lees
December 2017

Emily Burke gives a rating of 10/10

“I would absolutely recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law to friends and family, as they provided a personal and professional service to me.”
Emily Burke
November 2017

Patricia Hilton gives a rating of 10/10

“I was so satisfied by the way my claim was handled by Lanarkshire Accident Law. I couldn’t have asked for better service from a firm that was so down to earth.”
Patricia Hilton
November 2017

May Lafferty gives a rating of 10/10

“Very efficient from start to finish. Kept me in touch at all times. Very satisfied.”
May Lafferty
October 2017

Sarah McCrossan gives a rating of 10/10

“Very easy process and everything explained well.”
Sarah McCrossan
October 2017

Thomas Gillon gives a rating of 10/10

“…Angela and yourself fought very hard to get me this claim and never gave up, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.”
Thomas Gillon
August 2017

Joanne Gallacher gives a rating of 10/10

“Throughout the process I was kept informed, the information was great and helpful. Peter was great at helping me understand everything, would recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law 100% and got the best result I could have hoped for. Thank you so much.”
Joanne Gallacher
August 2017

Maykey Cheung gives a rating of 10/10

“I answered a 10 because Peter and his team have went above and beyond with my case, keeping me well informed from start to a successful finish which I’m extremely grateful for.”
Maykey Cheung
July 2017

Isabella O’Rourke gives a rating of 10/10

“I will be happy to recommend you to friends and family. What I liked about your company, they kept me informed by phone and letter throughout. Thank you.”
Isabella O’Rourke
July 2017

Darren MacDonald gives a rating of 10/10

“I was very satisfied with the overall service, and quickness of the full process. Very professional service and would recommend.”
Darren MacDonald
June 2017

Aileen Mullen gives a rating of 10/10

“Extremely professional throughout, treated very well. Communication was excellent and was kept in the loop at all times. Very happy with the outcome!”
Aileen Mullen
May 2017

Naiem Akhtar gives a rating of 10/10

“Peter Crooks put me first. Fought for me so I could get my costs to get my truck repaired.”
Naiem Akhtar
May 2017

Shauna Anderson gives a rating of 9/10

“I found the firm professional and friendly.”
Shauna Anderson
May 2017

Lyndsey Coyle gives a rating of 10/10

“Helpful and always kept me up-to-date.”
Lyndsey Coyle
May 2017

Frederick Bottley gives a rating of 10/10

“My claim was dealt with fast and efficient, and nothing was a problem.”
Frederick Bottley
April 2017

Gordon MacDonald gives a rating of 10/10

“For the quick and professional manner they handled my case, thanks to all your team.”
Gordon MacDonald
March 2017

Christopher Coleman gives a satisfaction rating of 10/10

“I would highly recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law. The process was smooth and professional. Excellent service.”
Christopher Coleman
March 2017

Margaret Stevenson said...

“I received very good service… my husband died and they kept it going. I also can’t fault them regarding keeping me up to date in all of it and giving me advice when needed. Very good service from all.”
Margaret Stevenson
March 2017

Micha Whalin ranks our firm as 10/10

“In my opinion, Lanarkshire Accident Law have been very helpful and have made sure I’m happy. They have also kept me up to date on everything that’s happened, especially Peter Crooks who has explained everything so well to me.”
Micha Whalin
February 2017

Mrs Kay Donachie said...

“I would definitely recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law to all my friends and family for the way they handled things for me as they were very helpful and professional and took all the stress and worry from me. Mr Peter Crooks and staff were great and I would rank this company as a definite 10 out of 10! Thank you.”
Mrs Kay Donachie
January 2017

John Digan wrote...

“I was delighted with the way Lanarkshire Accident Law handled my industrial disease case from start to finish. Their caring and professional staff kept me informed of all important matters and I was able to relax and stop worrying because I was confident in their expertise. I would recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law to anyone. They really are specialists in their field.”
John Digan
December 2016

Client, Mrs Winifred Borland has said ...

“When Lanarkshire Accident Law took over my case, it was settled in months.  They were great.  I had been given the run around by the insurance company for 3 ½ years but Lanarkshire Accident Law did the job in months.  Thanks again – you and your staff were great.”
Mrs Winifred Borland
December 2016

Client, Wendy Farrow rated our company as 10 out of 10...

“Very professional company, friendly, reliable, trustworthy… Kept up-to-date along the way. Would have no problem recommending anyone to this company.”
Wendy Farrow
November 2016

Clients, Elaine Taylor and John Dudgeon both rated our work as 10 out of 10...

“I received a first class service from Lanarkshire Accident Law.  I was kept up-to-date during the case and everything was explained fully to me.  I was completely happy with the outcome and fell that Lanarkshire Accident Law could have done no more on my behalf.  Staff are totally professional and first class.”
Elaine Taylor
November 2016

“I was kept informed how my claim was being dealt with.  I am pleased with the outcome.  Thank you again for all your help.”
John Dudgeon
November 2016

Client, Kim Hillan rated our work as 10 out of 10...

“I would rate your work as 10 out of 10 Angela. Thanks for your professionalism and your contact, keeping myself up-to-date.”
Kim Hillan
September 2016

Client, David Anderson confirmed that he would absolutely recommend Lanarkshire Accident Law to friends, family and colleagues as

“I am absolutely delighted with the result. Excellent. Thanks.”
David Anderson
April 2016

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