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Personal injury law is increasingly a specialised area. In 2015, the All-Scotland Sheriff Court was established in Edinburgh specifically to hear personal injury cases. Unless a party elects to litigate in a 'local' court, the All-Scotland Sheriff Court has exclusive jurisdiction for all ordinary PI cases with a value of between £5000-£100,000.

One of the benefits of the new court is that there are 6 sheriffs specifically assigned to deal with personal injury actions. Our Principal, Peter Crooks, has been a member of Edinburgh Sheriff Court's Personal Injuries Users Group.

We are happy to assess any personal injury case that you might wish to refer. We will give you a free and full appraisal of prospects. Should we assess that the case has merit, we are happy to take over agency and conduct of the claim. We will keep you advised as to progress. We will fund any necessary outlays that are necessary to construct the claim on liability and quantum.

On a successful conclusion of the case, we will pay you a referral fee for the work undertaken on your file, as follows:-

• In legal aid cases, 30% of the judicial fee recovered, together with any outlays that you have incurred

• In No Win, No Fee Cases, 30% of the judicial fee recovered *and* 30% of any success fee, together with any outlays that you have incurred

We do not undertake any other type of legal work other than personal injury litigation and damp/defective housing litigation. We are conscious that the client has been referred to us by *you*, and we would always re-direct the client back to you in respect of any other legal matter.

We are happy to discuss matters personally with you before you consider referring. Please feel free to contact our Principal, Peter Crooks, on 01236 222888.

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