Maximise Your Compensation in a Personal Injury Claim: 10 Tips

1. Choose a specialist personal injury lawyer rather than a general lawyer. It’s that simple. Ask yourself this : would you have your GP treat you for a medical procedure rather than a specialist in the field?

2. Funding your claim : you may qualify for legal advice and assistance and legal aid. Lawyers in Scotland have a professional/ethical obligation at the outset to advise a client about the availability of legal aid, whether the firm they work for undertakes legal aid work and, if not, that the client can obtain obtain representation elsewhere from a firm that does. Not all specialist personal injury law firms undertake legal aid work. At Lanarkshire Accident Law, we are a registered legal aid provider and also act for clients on a No Win, No Fee basis.

3. The time limit for raising a personal injury court action is generally 3 years from the date of accident. Instruct your lawyer in plenty of time before the 3 year anniversary from the accident date.

4. Provide your doctor/hospital with all appropriate information about your injuries, and what caused them.

5. Attend all medical appointments.

6. Had an accident at work? : Record it in an Accident Book.

7. Keep all wage slips during any absence from work after your accident.

8. Identify the person responsible for your accident. In a road traffic case, obtain the opposing driver’s name, address, vehicle and insurance details. In an accident at work case, the responsible person will usually be your employer or a third party you are working for, or who’s premises you are working in. In construction site accident cases, who are the main site contractors?

9. NEVER accept an offer made direct to you by the person at fault OR their insurers, no matter how tempting. Don’t accept compensation based simply on friends’ or family advice. Always obtain specialist legal advice.

10. Do not discuss the details of your claim with any third party. Avoid posting anything about your claim on social media.

At Lanarkshire Accident Law, not only are we specialist personal injury lawyers, but we will provide you with a FREE, detailed initial consultation and advise you on the prospects for your claim and the claim’s process.

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